Spectacol de balet Don Quijote

The book includes retold ballet performances for children and you can buy it at the Romanian Opera in Bucharest.

Don Quixote ballet show

In ancient Spain, from the foothills of the Toledo Mountains to the valleys of the Zancara and Jucar rivers stretched the rugged province of La Mancha. In one of the old mansions lived Don Quixote, a one-eared nobleman, often ridiculed even by his own servants. From dawn until late at night, at the flickering of the last candle stub, he did nothing but read novels of chivalry. And he read them with such passion, that he had come to believe himself a participant in the action. Many times he daydreamed of fighting for the honor of princesses in danger, of punishing injustice relentlessly, or of overcoming all kinds of obstacles with Tristan’s bravery. But not only did he dream of being a fairy-tale character, he had naively fallen in love with Dulcinea, a young lady whose captivating beauty he had only learned about from books

Tired of being taken for granted by everyone, he decides to end the dream and prove to everyone that he is worthy of real adventures, not just imagined ones. And since the village he came from could not offer him adequate dangers, he decides to roam the world. He takes the servant Sancho Panza as his squire and sets off.

For three days and three nights he walked without encountering a human scream. With snacks at the end and tired, they arrive at the famous port of Barcelona. They decide to spend the night at Lorenzo’s inn. In front of the inn, great commotion.

It seems that the innkeeper’s daughter, Kitri, had fallen in love with Basil, a fact that drove Lorenzo out of his mind, who would have wanted a brooding son-in-law, not a bitter barber who had no water after drinking! But Kitri no and no! She wept and threatened from the window of the room that if she was not allowed to marry Basil, she would vow to remain an old maid or even become a nun.

But as things turned out, on the same day, Camacho, a haughty and rather awkward rich man, also pulls up to the inn, for whom, as expected, Kitri falls for him. She immediately asks Lorenzo for permission to marry her. The innkeeper needs that much! He is one step away from getting his hands on a handsome fortune. Ugh, if only he could get his way with his rebellious daughter!… He takes her kindly and promises her the moon and the stars, just to accept Camacho as her husband. But Kitri not only doesn’t want to join her destiny with the money-laden temptress, she also mocks him.

No matter how beautiful she was, she had also fallen for Don Quixote, who is convinced that Dulcinea exists in reality if you travel enough kilometers from the place of origin.

But, shy as we know him, the noble knight chose not to confess his feelings and only to protect her in case of danger.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo sets up all the details for Kitri’s forced wedding to Camacho. Except that the girl, feeling trapped by the door, in despair, flees into the world with Basil.

Lorenzo and Camacho are on their way immediately! They are joined by Don Quixote, who doesn’t quite know whose side he should be on.

The two lovers receive shelter in the tent of some gypsies, where they are greeted with hospitality, and even a dance performance is offered in their honor.

Here Don Quixote is lucky. He finds Kitri first and, this time, he is determined to impress her with an act of bravery and thus win her heart. But the old noble again falls victim to his own fantasies. Through the twilight mist, he sees a windmill which he mistakes for a giant. He immediately begins to fight with her. Unfortunately, however, in his embarrassing struggles, the vain knight is caught by one of the arms of the mill and thrown there!

Kitri and Basil learn that the innkeeper and the rich man have tracked them down, so they also flee the tent and take refuge in an inn. In vain, however, because they are discovered shortly after, and Kitri is forced to take Camacho as her husband. But Basil devises a ruse. He pretends to kill himself out of love and falls flat on the ground. Grief-stricken, Kitri begs Don Quixote to persuade her father to grant Basil one last wish. What did he desire so ardently “on his deathbed”? The blessing of taking Kitri to wife, of course!

Lorenzo hesitates a bit, but, firmly convinced that the barber will die in a few moments anyway, accepts. As if by a miracle, Basil rises from the ground and now nothing can stand in the way of his happiness with Kitri.

Filled with a grudge, Camacho takes his insole vowing revenge.

At the wedding of the two, an important guest is Don Quixote himself, the one who helped them see their dream with their own eyes. After spending three days and three nights, the knight decides that it is time to go in search of new adventures where, perhaps, he will also meet the beautiful Dulcinea.