Cinderella ballet show

The book includes retold ballet performances for children and you can buy it at the Romanian Opera in Bucharest.

Cinderella ballet show

Once upon a time there was a very rich man. And this man’s wife happened to die. And only his daughter remained in the world, a beautiful girl with a soul as pure as a tear. But it wasn’t even a year after his wife’s death that the man married a woman who, in turn, had two daughters. All three of them, as ugly as they were, were as much clothes. They did not swallow their half-sister and peace! In fact, one day, they decided to put her to work:

Those who want to eat must work, they said in one voice, then they sent the poor girl to the kitchen, to work from dawn to dusk.

All day she carried water, washed clothes, scrubbed the floors, cooked food or took care of the animals in the yard. He could not even rest at night, because the mistress had not even given him a bed to sleep in. He slept in the ashes near the hearth, to keep them as warm as possible until morning. For this reason, her ragged and shabby dress was sometimes dirty, a fact for which she was mockingly nicknamed: “Cinderella”.

But there was no time for her to hold a grudge against her sisters and her mother. On the contrary, she sewed their clothes, combed their hair and braided their hair as she knew best, and even tried to reconcile them whenever they quarreled.

And behold, one day, the king gave a great ball, to which Cinderella’s family was invited. The sisters were dying to attend, especially since the king had a prince who was rumored to be looking for a bride, and each of them already dreamed of being installed at the royal court.

On the day in question, as usual, Cinderella combed their hair, arranged them, sewed pearl necklaces and brocade dresses with lace. She wanted so much to go too, but there was no way to persuade them. She was left crying alone at home again. It broke your heart to see her so hopeless. Even the mice hidden in the caves took pity on her and came to tame her.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, a wonderful fairy appeared, in a sparkling dress, set with sapphires and rubies, with a crystal diadem and an enchanted wand with a star on the top.

Cinderella could not believe her eyes. She had never seen such beauty in her life. The fairy managed to calm her down and promised to help her get to the ball. As soon as you say fish, he transforms the pot-bellied melon next to the house into a golden carriage, the few mice into strong stallions, a grasshopper that was preparing to take flight from the window of the house into a visitor, and he gave the girl a fine and airy dress, made of the finest lace, beaten with pearls and sewn with gold thread. In place of her tattered slippers, Cinderella received a pair of cloister shoes, which molded perfectly to her delicate little feet. In an instant, the ragged girl from before became unrecognizable and ready to go to the ball. But the fairy advised her to be careful: the spell lasts only until midnight, at which time all things will be restored to what they were, so at 12 at night, whatever it is, she should leave the palace.

Overjoyed, Cinderella thanked the fairy with all her heart, then left for the ball with great pomp. Arriving there, she also saw her pizmases sisters, who looked at her with envy, elbowing each other and wondering who that unspeakably beautiful young woman could be, with her chosen dress and shining shoes. She was so well-dressed that it was impossible to recognize her.

The prince, as soon as he saw her, fell in love on the spot. All evening he danced only with her, to the displeasure of all the invited girls, who secretly hoped for the prince’s heart. At midnight, as agreed with the fairy, Cinderella ran away. In a hurry, on the stairs, he lost one of his keys. The prince found it and kept it like a jewel, swearing to himself that he would find the young woman who had stolen his heart.

The next day, the stepsisters only talked about how handsome he was at the ball, even lying that the prince never left their eyes.

And they didn’t have time to finish stringing lies, because the princely procession knocked at their door. It seems that the prince had set off at dawn in search of Cinderella, asking all the girls in the kingdom to try on the precious slipper. The sisters flocked to try it on. In vain, because the soles were a few sizes bigger and they wouldn’t have fit even if they had given up the toes and heels.

Desperate, the prince started to leave, but he also saw Cinderella wandering around the house. Despite the protests of the sisters, she decided on the spot that she would also put on the shoes. Marvel! It was perfect for him! The girl then shyly confessed that she was the one who left the palace in a hurry on the night of the ball. Happy that he had found her again, the prince asked her to be his wife.

They lived happily ever after.