Iolanda Petrescu obtained Bolshoi Ballet Academy level B certificate

Iolanda Petrescu, the founder of the Ballet Art Dance Academy, recently returned from New York, where she attended a new training course for teachers supported by the famous Bolshoi Ballet Academy. For the second consecutive year, Iolanda Petrescu has graduated with the most famous teachers in the world, obtaining the level B certificate. At present, the founder of the Ballet Art Dance Academy is the only accredited teacher who has all the pedagogy and teaching methods for 1- 5 (grades V-IX inclusive). Her experience has been complemented by attending the Bolshoi Ballet Academy courses and this enrichment of her knowledge will bring an authentic value to what the Vaganova method means for all children who want to know the real and real Russian method. The knowledge, the approach, the teaching and the existence of the pedagogical material give an extra chance to the number of talented children who want a brilliant career in the field. The method taught by Bolshoi Ballet Theater is ideal for those who want to go further by building a ballet career, but also a start for the beginner category, with the potential to become a real primbalerina

“We must banish the idea of supreme sacrifices or torment when practicing ballet. We must see ballet as an accessible and opportune method for a beautiful child’s body, “says Iolanda Petrescu.

Iolanda Petrescu’s knowledge is put into operation by training the Performance Groups of the Ballet Dance Academy, for which she has implemented a program designed according to the best performing ballet techniques, Additional Program. Known as the “first-balen program,” it is taught to closed groups where students want to perform in a ballet career on the most important scenes of the world. The course is an excellent start for the future students of Choreography High School.